2013-07-26 16:41:59 by McBinkles

Hey y'all, I've finished my first video in like 7 months! Wowza! It's a Game Grumps animated about Mike Tyson.
I'm not turning into a loser who only makes game grumps animations, i promise. i promise! I promise.

I also have a bunch of half finished cartoons that should be coming out soon, it's gonna be a laugh and a half!
Stay tuned! like, keep your internet connection tuned! to the same frequency!


Game Grumps Toon and Upcoming Feces!

2012-09-16 13:53:40 by McBinkles

Hello, you sexual slaves to the rhythm.
Gramp Gooms
I made a Game Grumps cartoon, because I am the kind of person who is always on top of all the sexy and beautiful trends, please give me all of your money
i've never embedded a video before, this is my first time.


The Future Of McBinkles
I'm rock hard at work on numerous animations, in varying stages of production*. EXPECT:

- Breaking Bad Parody
- a Happy Wheels Parody
- a Cartoon about Tomb Explorers
- a Cartoon about the End of the World
- a PSA about Running With Scissors!
- the start of a series, Everybody Loves Stanley!

*None of these will ever be competed.
look out for these fine creations smacking you inside the mouth when you least expect it!

NATA and New Cartoon!

2012-04-14 23:12:08 by McBinkles

Hello, fans and fanettes.

I'm going to be entering this NATA thing everyone's been talking about, and so I'll be making animations more proficiently, since i have a deadline, and there's money, etc.
You know, if i make it past the open round. there's that.

and if i don't have a whole cool underdog-sort of thing where i win NATA against all the odds, i still have this new animation that i'm working on currently, about an interview for a job gone horribly wrong.

I have a few backgrounds done, and I gotta say, now that I have a tablet it's lookin pretty snazzy!

NATA and New Cartoon!