Entry #3


2013-07-26 16:41:59 by McBinkles

Hey y'all, I've finished my first video in like 7 months! Wowza! It's a Game Grumps animated about Mike Tyson.
I'm not turning into a loser who only makes game grumps animations, i promise. i promise! I promise.

I also have a bunch of half finished cartoons that should be coming out soon, it's gonna be a laugh and a half!
Stay tuned! like, keep your internet connection tuned! to the same frequency!



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2013-07-27 02:27:11

Wat a loser! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Finish some your shits because they're always good and its been like since Christmas.


2013-07-27 03:08:36

To be honest,even though I am pretty good at it,I will never consider myself a true Flash animator until I do a Game Grumps Animated.